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Tarthoven presents: Time Travel Through the Flatlands

Organized by AEGEE-Tartu & AEGEE-Eindhoven

Tarthoven presents: Time Travel Through the Flatlands Profile Picture
Twin antennae AEGEE-Tartu and AEGEE-Eindhoven join forces to bring to you the true summer adventure of the two flattest lands in Europe!

Together we will embark the time machine to fly high into Europe’s past and present. How has Europe changed during the last 80 years? What unites us and in which way are we different? A trainer from Politics Interest Group will be our guide on this journey through time and space. Be prepared for the most European experience you might ever have, from a discussion with local communities to the national parliament, and finally to the European Parliament - we will pass by all of them on our historical journey. When we get tired of flying, we’ll go the opposite way and dig deep into old mines, claw our way through a ghost town, discover the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of WW2, and cycle to a monastery.

We will start our summer university by touring around Ida-Virumaa, the North-Eastern region of Estonia and a EU border that is undiscovered and exotic even to Estonians themselves. Then we will spend a few days in Tartu, the cosy student town in Southern Estonia. From Tartu we will all drive to Riga to fly together towards the EU capital Brussels. In there we have of course planned a visit to the European Parliament and the CD house, where there is a place for every AEGEEan. Finally we will find our way to the Netherlands where we are going to spend time in the modern city of Eindhoven, but also visit the Hague and last but not least - ever so fabulous Amsterdam.

But let’s not forgot about sleepless nights, eating loads of kohuke and stroopwafel, meeting other wonderful AEGEEans, swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea, and having the summer of your life in every way possible!

Considering that we will fly from Riga to Brussels but spend most of the summer university in Estonia and the Netherlands, participating in the Tarthoven SU will guarantee that you visit at least 4 different European countries this summer! Together we will cover 80 years of history and nearly 1800 kilometres of Europe!

Your summer will only be complete if you have spent it time-travelling with us! Tarthoven awaits!

General Information:

From: Monday, July 8th
To: Wednesday, July 24th
Starts in: Jõhvi, Estonia
Ends in: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture /
Fee: 299€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Gym
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Used for: mining museum; trip to Amsterdam
Alternative: alternatively: beach day; swimming at the lake + Dutch games
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Sleeping bag, mattress, swimwear
Suited for disabled people: No


Travel through space and time from WW2 until today, from North East to West!


Phone: +372 5326 9816

Our ideal participant:

    You are a perfect participant if:
    time-travelling has always been on your bucket list,
    learning about history excites you more than it scares you,
    you want to learn about politics from all over Europe,
    you equally love urban exploration and camping under the stars,
    you are fun-loving, open-minded and looking for amazing new friends,
    you are able to bike.


  • Looking around an abandoned ghost town
  • A visit to the European Parliament
  • City game
  • Mining museum
  • KGB museum
  • Panel discussion
  • Hiking in the nature
  • Language workshop
  • Swimming in a lake as infinite as the sea
  • Spending a night at the CD house
  • Visiting The Hague
  • Sunset at the beach
  • Castle visit
  • Cycling to a monastery
  • Amsterdam
  • Stroopwafel workshop
  • City tours
  • WW2 museum
  • European Night
  • Pub crawl

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Roberto Meneghetti
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Narva is a city between two worlds, two languages and two national identities. Situated on the eastern border of the EU, the majority of the population is Russian speaking. There is also an impressive castle, Town Hall from the 17th century and you will have a chance for a dip in the river bordering between Estonia and Russia.


The beating heart of the European Union doesn’t just host the parliament. Our very own head office of AEGEE is also located in Brussels. It's a city with an amazing historical centre and also the hometown of the peeing boy. Luckily he had a full bladder to save the city from a terrible fate!


The second largest city of Estonia is known for its laid-back atmosphere, bohemian neighbourhoods and lots of students that conquer the city each September. Tartu’s streets are full of lovely wooden architecture, spectacular street art and lots of hidden treasures to discover. Here you can also find the National Museum of Estonia, both Angel’s and Devil’s Bridge and the river Emajõgi flowing slowly through the city.


The fifth largest city in the Netherlands, almost completely built after the Second World War. Today it’s the Silicon Valley of Europe, with tech giants everywhere. Still fast growing, Eindhoven shows what modern times bring. But watch out, once you enter the longest pubstreet of the Netherlands, you might not find your way back home alone!


The city everyone knows, plenty of museums to visit, ranging from van Gogh to the museum of Anne Frank. The chance of hearing English instead of Dutch in the centre is high, as there are sometimes more tourists than locals. But once you get to know the real Dutch living in Amsterdam, you will feel completely calm and relaxed (even without weed).