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uTOpiCAl: try TO-CAtch us

Organized by AEGEE-Torino & AEGEE-Cagliari

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Have you ever desired a SU that blends the majesty of the mountains and the infinity of the sea? Do you love both nature and city life? Are you curious to understand how, despite cultural differences, we managed to create that reign in the past and (y)our SU now?
Through our journey you will discover the fascinating stories and legends of our ancestors, starting from the capital of Piedmont all the way Southward until we see the Mediterranean sea.
Be part of a trip through the beauty of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the 19th century. Discover the cultures of Piedmont and Sardinia, experience vineyard landscapes, dive into the blue sea.
Join the young nightlife offered by Torino and Cagliari. From the classic Italian aperitivo directly to the beach parties until late at night. Gather your team and burst on the streets, hopping from bar to bar.
Increase with us your sensibility and knowledge of sustainability and improve your “green skills” and lifestyle.
Don’t think twice! Actually, don’t even think at all: apply now!

General Information:

From: Monday, July 29th
To: Wednesday, August 14th
Starts in: Torino
Ends in: Cagliari
Type: Travelling Summer University info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Green SU
Fee: 255€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Gym
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket AND pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 30€
Used for: Boat trip
Alternative: Beach time
Language: Italian, English
Special equipment needed: Sleeping bag and mattress, swimming pants, suncream, comfortable walking shoes, flip flops
Suited for disabled people: No


From a golden past to a green tomorrow. Will you save our Kingdom?


Phone: +393342210448

Our ideal participant:

    Are you interested in Italian culture and sustainability? Do you like nature in all its shapes: sea, hills and mountains? Are you an open-minded, never-tired, curious and funny person? uTOpiCAl IS MADE FOR YOU!


  • Sustainability challenges
  • Visits to protected natural areas (beaches, mountains)
  • Boat trip
  • Countryside trips
  • City tours in Torino and Cagliari
  • Visit to Balon (Flea market)
  • Italian, Sardinian and Piedmontese language sessions
  • Sessions and activities about local history and culture and sustainability
  • Coffee laboratory; visit to chocolate laboratory
  • Bike tour
  • Visits to museums
  • Cooking workshop
  • Food and wine tastings

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: AEGEEans
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Turin is one of the most important centers for culture in northern Italy. The capital of the Piedmont region is located on the Po river, in front of the Susa Valley and surrounded by the western Alps. On a typical summer day, visitors can spot the snow-covered mountains in the distance from anywhere in town.

The city is well known for its renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassical, and art nouveau architectures. Thanks to various art galleries, restaurants, old style cafés, churches, palaces, opera houses, squares, parks, gardens, theatres, libraries and museums in the city visitors can breath a magical atmosphere.

Either having a glass of wine in the breathtaking Piazza Vittorio or appreciating the view of the whole town from Superga hill; either discovering Ancient Egypt in the Museo Egizio (second most important after Cairo’s) or getting on the lift at the symbol of the city, the Mole Antonelliana, Turin surprises us all with its particularities every single day.


Characteristic small city in the north of Piedmont, center of winemaking, well known for its canteens and vineyards where there is one of the most important production of Erbaluce and Passito.


With picturesque historical districts, sea views, elegant shopping streets, charming views and panoramic terraces including the Bastione di Santa Croce, Cagliari is the capital as well as the most populated city of Sardinia.

Cagliari it has a soul consisting of a millenary history culture, nature, beach tourism and nightlife, an attractive mix that fascinates the visitors. You will get charmed by the views of Castello, the ramparts and the Roman remains, the Sardinian sea, as well as by the dynamism of a surprisingly active city.

Prepare to enjoy amazing sunsets and blue sky in Cagliari, also called ''The City of Sun''!

Orosei Gulf, Baunei

Gulf of Orosei is probably the most fascinating area of the Island. An enchanted place that combines the magic of the mountains with uncontaminated coastal beauties. Situated in the east coast, it is characterized for its rocks overlooking the sea, white sand bays and marvelous caves: splendors, colors and sensations that could be admired only in few beaches in the world.


City of the Wine, flavors and folklore, Jerzu rises in one of the several rock heels that characterize the area. It is a well-known center of production of Sardinian traditional food. Besides its production of Cannonau wine, a milestone of our Island, It is also famous for the several amounts of water sources around the inhabited center, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. You'll love it.