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Catching up with the Kardashians: EP 2

Organized by AEGEE-Yerevan

Catching up with the Kardashians: EP 2 Profile Picture
Have you ever splashed a bucket of water on strangers on the street? Have you hiked the highest mountain of a country for a sip of wine? Have you been on the longest ropeway in the world? This year the lucky participants of our Summer University will have the unique chance to experience all the best of our beautiful country. Armenia and its hospitable people are awaiting for you! And what about food? You will taste Armenian cuisine specialties and learn how to prepare dishes such as Dolma, Lavash and Sujukh in special workshops. If this is not enough for you, thanks to our lessons, you will even be able to speak a bit of Armenian language, to think and feel as a real Armenian and who knows maybe even get a photoshoot in the national dresses? You will also have the chance to party every night with a multicultural group of participants and awesome organizers! Can you think of something more? An amazing Caucasian midsummer adventure is waiting for you: AEGEE-Yerevan with all its "SPIRIT" is going to help you to dive very deep into the Armenian lifestyle under a hot sun (+32 on average) ready to warm your body, soul and heart. And who are the Kardashians? Get ready to feel Armenian!

General Information:

From: Friday, July 26th
To: Saturday, August 3rd
Starts in: Yerevan
Ends in: Yerevan
Type: Short Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: History and Local Culture / Civic Education
Fee: 128€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Hostel
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: Yell Extreme Park (Zipline and adventure extreme sports activities) and Tour to Yerevan Brandy Factory
Alternative: Museum Day
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Hiking Shoes and a Swimsuit
Suited for disabled people: No


Activism: Civic and Cultural


Phone: +37498833575

Our ideal participant:

    Enthusiastic and adventurous AEGEEan!


  • Hiking the highest mountain in Armenia
  • Tour to UNESCO historical monuments
  • Lakeside Barbecue
  • Joining nation-wide Watersplash Festival ''Vardavar''
  • Armenian language course
  • Photo-shoot in Armenian traditional costumes
  • Cultural activities, including folk dances, cooking traditional food
  • City quest
  • Wine tasting
  • Pub crawls, obviously!

Course Information:

Course: The sessions will be implemented in two dimensions, involving classical PPT session, followed by thematic discussion and/or group work. There will also be a panel session with civil society representatives from Armenia.
Timetable: Will be finalized by the end of May, 2019.
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Armenak Minasyants, Kalipso Bznuni
Equipment: Flip Charts, notebooks, stickers.
Supported by University: Yes

Join the Summer University and visit:

Temple of Garni

A Greek-Acropolis style temple located in the village of Garni, Armenia, it is the best-known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia.

Wings of Tatev

Wings of Tatev is a 5.7 km cableway between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery in Armenia. It is the longest reversible aerial tramway built in only one section, and holds the record for Longest non-stop double track cable car.


Mount Aragats is an isolated four-peaked volcano massif in Armenia and at 4,090 m above sea level, is the highest point of the Lesser Caucasus and Armenia.


The Cascade is a giant stairway made of limestone in Yerevan, Armenia. It links the downtown Ketron area of Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood.