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25th of January 2020: Open Call for Trainers at Summer Universities

📢 Do you want to have the most exciting adventure this summer?
📢 Do you want to inspire lots of young Europeans?
Then be sure to check out this great opportunity!

We are giving away several 10 day Interrail Tickets to the best trainer applications. You will travel all over Europe, visiting at least 5 Summer Universities to give your trainings. The deadline to apply for this is 31st of January, 13:00 CET.

1st of January 2020: The submission period has started! Submit your SU until the 3rd of February, 13.00 CET!
Do not forget to register your Outgoing Responsible as well.

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Summer University

The Summer Universities are on average two weeks long events that take place during summer in most of the cities where AEGEE is present. Understanding and exploring the multicultural dimension of the European continent, fighting for tolerance and creating open-minded citizens who are not afraid to share their opinion in an open discussion about the future of Europe, are some of the reasons why 30 young Europeans come together in each Summer University to taste the diversity of European integrity.

The Summer University Project was born in 1988 with the intention to promote the European integration. This project is the main tool of AEGEE to attain this ambitious but challenging target ever since. Since that time, it has been continuing every year with the participation of more than 50.000 young people, inside and outside of the European Union.

The activities carried out during a Summer University range from academic classes, such as learning a foreign language or technical subjects to multicultural activities, such as: Getting familiar with British culture, Spanish history or Greek mythology. But also, non-formal education takes place: You could learn how to sail, attend a photography course in Turkey or do hike in Polish woods. Each Summer University follows a thematic throughout its duration that can be related to European Integration, International Politics, Intercultural Dialogue, Active Citizenship, Democracy, Education, Culture, Peace and Personal Development.

In a Summer University you will be given the chance to taste local food, to discuss current political topics, to listen and dance to different music, to be good friends with people from different countries and then arranging trips together. You will learn to say "Hello" in another 20 languages, you will feel free, you will love, you will experience, you will learn new things, you will do things you hadn't imagined… You will feel the AEGEE spirit, you will feel what is an SU!