Promo Materials

On this page you can find all the promo materials, printable and for social media, useful for the promotion of the Summer Activities! Underneath are still the materials we had intended for the Summer Universities, it would be a shame to not show them to you.

We would like to bring to your attention that to ensure a uniform representation, it is compulsory to include the Summer University logo (either minimal of the full version) on all materials, excluding t-shirts.


If you just want to print the files right away, you can use the files labeled as printable. They already have some margin on the sides to make sure nothing gets lost when printing and cutting, so nothing needs to be changed to these files. However always check if the lining is correct when uploading it for printing, you could have the print shop check this for you sometimes as well.


For all the materials that are customizable you can choose to edit the ai/psd file (with Illustrator or Photoshop) or the Canva files (this is an online tool especially for whom is not really familiar with graphics). For the latter have to carefully read the “How to Canva” (where you can find also all the files). In the Canva files you will find also the new SU presentation that you should enrich with the personal experiences of your members.

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Summer Activities editable Files (on Canva launch)

Presentation template
Facebook event template Facebook event template
ig post ig post
instagram story
Below you can find the initial materials that were prepared for this year. Since the Summer Universities aren't happening as they would, we would still like to show you what was prepared. These materials will be further developed for future uses.

Initial Summer University editable Files (on Canva launch)

ig post
instagram story template
ig post
canva presentation
fb post
ig post

Initial SU flyer

instagram story template
instagram story template
instagram story template

Initial SU social Media

instagram story template
instagram story template
instagram story template

SU video's

SU Maps


SU Stickers


Visual Identity

Please keep in mind that AEGEE has an official Visual Identity that needs to be followed.
You can read and download the manual below.

A short wrap up:

  • Use the AEGEE logo in ONE colour: Blue, Black or White.
  • There is a dash between AEGEE-Cityname, and AEGEE is always in capitals.
  • If you use any colours, stick to the ones in the manual.
  • If you don't know what font to use, use Open Sans.