Summer University 2020


InterResting SUmmer

Organized by AEGEE-Bakı

In cooperation with Eastern Partnership Project

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Upcoming SUmmer AEGEE-Bakı welcomes you to explore the ancient and curious Caucasus, dive into the merged culture of the east and the west. This Intercultural Resting will unlock the gates of marvelous adventure, will demonstrate to you the beauties of nature, tell the secrets of fiery land. Participants will also acquire some significant skills alongside the entertainment, which would definitely be very useful in future career or life. Even if the term “Soft Skills” doesn’t sound so exciting, be sure, we have developed very interesting methods for delivering it. During the Summer University extremely funny training courses and workshops await you during. There courses will cover such topics as development of communication skills, problem solving abilities, self and social awareness, mediation, etc. And let’s don’t forget about another topic – “Local culture and history” which will be presented by dances, traditions, cuisine, museum visiting and by many other amusing activities, where you can totally feel the CaucAEGEEan Spirit! Would be a great shame coming to Azerbaijan and not enjoying its magnificent scenery, soooo be prepared to plunge the history and culture of two more cities! And one more thing we are certain you will be amazed – PARTIES ALL NIGHTS! Cut a long story short, don’t miss this chance and let's be F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

General Information:

From: Friday, July 17th
To: Wednesday, July 29th
Starts in: Baku
Ends in: Baku
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Soft Skills / Local Culture
Fee: 150€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Hostel
Confirmation: Send copy of the ticket in advance
Language: English, Russian
Special equipment needed: swimming suit, sportswear (or just the cozy clothes), hiking shoes


This summer is your SUmmer! Discover, Learn, Enjoy and Feel the craziest AEGEE spirit with us!


Phone: +994558980909

Our ideal participant:

    Funny, sociable, party lover :D Interested in the topic of SU and willing to discover new tarditions and cultures <3


    • Tasting local cuisine
    • Horse riding
    • Local dance learning
    • Zipline fun
    • Thematic Parties
    • Traditional Breakfast
    • Visiting museums, historical locations
    • Workshops
    • Language Learning
    • Bonfire Party
    • Water fun
    • Hiking
    • Pub Crawl
    • Picnic
    • Pool Party
    • Cooking workshop
    • Yoga & Meditation
    • Shaki Khan Palace (UNESCO Heritage)
    • City Quest
    • Magic night (Local superstitions)
    • and many other fascinating activities

Course Information:

Course level: Intermediate
Course given by: Experienced members from local, speakers
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


Baku is the capital city of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a city where the cultures and history interwined, the wind found shelter, legends were born. Ancient foundations, a large area and population all make Baku one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the East. The interpretation of "Baku" is “ land of winds “ what is because of the great wind that strikes and different seasons. We will visit in Baku- Museums (Heydar Aliyev Center, Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan, National Art Museum of Azerbaijan and etc.), Old City, Boulevard of Baku, Maiden Tower and etc.


Guba is one of the most beautiful, picturesque cities of Azerbaijan. If during your holidays you want not just to enjoy hot sun, study local sights, but enjoy wonderful nature, explore the fascinating creatures and dive into the historical atmosphere of locations, then definitely visit Guba! You will be happy about your choice.
Guba is located in the ancient area of the country where from time immemorial there have been residing Azerbaijanian tribes dealing with crafts, cattle breeding, and horticulture. This stunning land was evolving through the decades and has a great historical meaning for Azerbaijan. Here you can get acquainted with picturesque locations and historical monuments. So, what are you waiting for?


Shaki is the capital of the region of the same name and the regional center of Azerbaijan. It is located seventy-seven kilometers north of the Yevlakh railway junction. Ancient city BC was founded in the eighth century and named as Sakasen (shortened sake). Its name comes from the Iranian Sak tribe. Then the city was called Shaki. The snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus reach 3000-30000 meters. Its capital is dominated by cyclones and anticyclones, various air masses and strong winds. Magnificent forests not only create a protective barrier against it but also against floods. You can enjoy rare trees in them: peanuts, walnuts. The fauna is different. The main waterways are the Kish and Kurdistan rivers. Taking a Sheki tour, you will see the sewing factories, brick factories, music and theater schools, tobacco factories, textile college, educational institutions education school, theater, and Sheki Hans Palace Museum in this city.