Summer University 2020


Let's GROove: From Cows to Culture

Organized by AEGEE-Groningen

Let's GROove: From Cows to Culture Profile Picture
Our Summer University will take place all the way in the North of the Netherlands: Groningen. This city is described by the CNN as one of the best places to visit in Europe & as a winning alternative to Amsterdam, and described by the Lonely planet as having the best nightlife in the Netherlands.

Although this city is one of the oldest in the Netherlands, its population is young, vibrant and hip. This creates a unique mix of scenic old streets and canals, but also some of the best parties. With students making up a quarter of its population, this northern Dutch city has a host of late-night drinking haunts, ranging from hip brew houses and live music venues to the bars and cafes of Grote Markt and Poelestraat. The canals and classic Dutch buildings are all in evidence, but without the bustling hordes of tourists. And yes, the bike is king here as the routes are flat and easy.

Groningen as the greatest student city of the Netherlands has a youthful and exciting atmosphere. During our Summer University we want participants to leave Groningen with exactly that experience. We have tons of fun activities and exciting workshops planned. We will discuss and enjoy our unique student culture, organise various theme parties and take the participants clubbing in our amazing nightlife.As a participant, you will go on a biking trip exploring the nature on the outskirts of Groningen and visit a Dutch Windmill, visit a seal rescue centre and celebrate a typical Dutch holiday. Other activities include city tours of Groningen and Amsterdam, a visit to a cheese farm, a cocktail workshop, a cooking workshop, and so much more!

Furthermore, you will also spend a weekend on the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog, where you will enjoy a mesmerizing campfire by the seaside under the stars, walk on the bottom of the sea and go to the beach. If you visit the Netherlands, you have to explore Amsterdam’s beautiful canals and exotic adventures. So, we will spend a full day in Amsterdam where you will have a lot of free time to explore our beautiful capital.

Our workshops revolve around various ethical topics which we will approach from a Dutch perspective and discuss openly. Topics include the student culture, LGBT rights, drug tolerance, racism and sustainability.

The organizers are already very excited and eagerly awaiting your applications. And remember, our country is sinking, this is one of your last chances to go on SU in the Netherlands. Our Summer University is an amazing combination of diverse activities that will take place in different settings, but are all inevitably interwoven in the Dutch culture. Come join and see!

General Information:

From: Wednesday, July 15th
To: Wednesday, July 29th
Starts in: Groningen
Ends in: Groningen
Type: Summer Course info_outline
Thematic categories: Local Culture / Social Inclusion
Fee: 196€ info_outline
25 Friends
Accomodation: Student dormitories
Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
Optional fee: 40€
Used for: City Trip to Amsterdam, Cocktailworkshop, cookingworkshop: Eierballen, Beer tasting
Alternative: Dutch movies day
Language: English
Special equipment needed: Pillow, blanket/sleepingbag, fitted sheets, NO MATTRESS NEEDED


Explore the beauty of Groningen from the bustling city to the peaceful countryside, experience the diversity of Dutch culture through exquisite Dutch cuisine, ‘gezellige’ student culture and adventurous activities and discover the secrets of its nightlife!


Phone: +31 6 47 95 80 40

Our ideal participant:

    An open-minded and adventurous participant who loves to party during the night and is also active and engaging at the workshops and activities during the day!


    Day Programme:
  • Day trip to Amsterdam (incl. city tour)
  • Beer tasting
  • Ice Breaking Games
  • City tour: Groningen
  • Weekend trip to the Island Schiermonnikoog
  • Visit Seal Rehabilitation Centre
  • Workshop Sexual Harassment
  • Mudflat hiking/Walking on the bottom of the sea
  • Visit Cheese farm
  • Cooking workshop: Eierballen
  • Group games
  • Sustainability Workshop
  • Drugs awareness workshop
  • Games in the park (such as water balloon fights)
  • Equal Rights Workshop
  • Cocktailworkshop
  • Cooking workshop: Pepernoten
  • Traditional Dutch holiday celebration
  • Workshop: Discussion Black Pete
  • Student Association tour
  • Workshop: Hazing
  • Group game activity: Apenkooien
  • Cycling trip (incl. visit Traditional Dutch Windmill)
  • Evening Programme:
  • Pubcrawl
  • Campfire Night
  • European Night
  • Movienight
  • Pubquiz
  • Theme Party: Name Party
  • Theme Party: Gender in the blender
  • Dutch drinking games
  • Theme Party: Cantus
  • Theme Party: Farm
  • BBQ Evening
  • Goodbye party

Course Information:

Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Kirsten Broekema, Dagmar Rebel, Sam Geus, Romy Hakkers, Rob Koster, Jeske Appelman, Niek Esselink & Arend-Jan Tissing
Supported by University: No

Join the Summer University and visit:


"When it comes to a night out in the Netherlands, Groningen nightlife has no equal. The northern city doesn’t do closing time!" - Lonely Planet

The Student Bike Capital in the North (the main location of this Summer University). As a lively university city, Groningen has the youngest average population in the Netherlands. It has a long and turbulent history, which becomes evident from the historic warehouses, courts and buildings. Groningen is also a city with nerve, with the most numerous examples of innovative architecture within its boundaries. In addition, it was once proclaimed the city with the best city centre in the Netherlands because of its charm. Explore the beautiful canals and the bustling nightlife of our university city: Groningen.


If you haven't visited our capital city Amsterdam, you haven't lived life to the fullest. The city in which you can find sex, drugs and rock 'n roll on the corner of every street. Take a stroll along its beautiful canals and enjoy the pretty sights of its architecture and culture. Of course we can't leave out such an irreplaceable experience from our Summer University.


The "Tropical" Island in the Wadden Sea. The smallest and "gezelligste" island of the Netherlands. Its stunning beaches, being able to walk there on the bottom of the sea and the sensational campfire make the island amazingly worthwhile. Its single club helps to make this weekend an "unforgettable" experience.