Tackling Big Issues: A personal approach to solving problems

Tackling Big Issues: A personal approach to solving problems Profile Picture
Do you want to know how to involve your members to squeeze the most out of your association?
Workshop given from: Monday, June 15th
Given until: Tuesday, September 15th
Given by: Strategy Committee
Thematic categories: Soft Skills / Civic Education
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 16 participants
Come and join us and discover the potential your members are hiding! Strategy Committee has come up with few actionable steps to maximize the impact of your association and make your members want to generate more value for your organisation. We believe in that through involvement of your members you can solve huge problems your association is facing. So dare to join us and give your association a kickstart into the impact zone!
Through reflection and exchange with other participants you will be guided through your future journey. Change is inevitable, so hop on our 75-minute session and become inspired to become part of your association's change.

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