Xenophobia In Times of Coronavirus

Xenophobia In Times of Coronavirus Profile Picture
During this workshop we will talk about what is xenophobia, its connection with COVID-19 and what can we do so as to improve the situation, both as individuals and as an association.
Workshop given from: Friday, July 3rd
Given until: Friday, July 24th
Given by: Equal Rights Working Group
Thematic categories: Social Inclusion /
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 15 participants
Unfortunately xenophobia is still quite widespreaded and COVID-19 has contributed to make the situation even worse. Everyday more xenophobic actions are being done and we must take action against this unfair trend of rejecting people just because of being from another place. With this workshop we would like to discuss the concept of xenophobia, the different episodes we ourselves have experienced or know about and the strong impact of COVID-19 on it. Moreover, we would try to come up with realistic solutions that we as individuals can do to make the situation better, and as a young association as well.

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