EaP+ Basics - Getting To Know The Eastern Part of Europe

EaP+ Basics - Getting To Know The Eastern Part of Europe Profile Picture
Organise a small workshop during your weekly meeting. We have an amazing workshop prepared on EaP+ basics. It can be a lot of fun and your members gain more knowledge about the region and the EU programme. By conducting this workshop you can also inform your members about the various European projects of AEGEE and motivate your members to be more active on European level. This is a constant field of work and European projects as well as working groups often lack motivated people.
Workshop given from: Wednesday, May 6th
Given until: Thursday, October 1st
Given by: Eastern Partnership+
Thematic categories: History and Politics / Local Culture
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 50 participants
Step I: Get to know each other - depending on the group size but at least introducing ourselves as the facilitators. Step II: Checking the overall knowledge about the topic we're going to talk about. Also asking about some general impressions they might already have about this topic and what people expect from the workshop. Step IV: Starting with the presentation: What is EaP? What is the difference between the EU program and the AEGEE-Europe project (EaP+)? What countries are involved? Whats their historical background and why are they important to the EU and to us as AEGEEans?... Step V: Answering questions and starting a discussion round including a tailored questions for discussion for the audience.

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