EaP+ Movie Night

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You are looking for a cozy evening with your friends all over Europe even without being in the same room? Here we have the perfect solution for you: Get together with a few friends and select one of the Movies or Documentaries we collected for you (or even come up with your own idea) and watch this movie all together via Skype! You can prepare popcorn for yourself or some drinks to fully enjoy your home-cinema feeling! After the movie you can freely discuss with each other what you liked or disliked or what was totally new for you. Have fun and SPOT ON :) *after Covid-19, you can also consider organizing it with your local and watching Movies all together in ca cozy place! ;)
Workshop given from: Wednesday, May 6th
Given until: Thursday, October 1st
Given by: Eastern Partnership+
Thematic categories: Civic Education / Local Culture
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: No
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 25 participants
Step 1: Ask people who wants to join the movie night ;) Step 2: Check the list of movies and documentaries provided by EaP+ or select your own movie (just make sure the topic is connected to EaP+) Step 3: Decide on a date and create a Skype conversation (or something similar) Step 4: Prepare popcorn Step 5: Watching the movie together and discuss it afterwards

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