Mobility In EaP+ Countries

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Have you ever thought about living or studying in one of the EaP+ countries but had no idea how to realize your idea? Then we have the perfect solution for you! By this workshop, we would like to provide you with an overview about opportunities for different kind of mobility programs in EaP+ countries. Maybe you are interested in a semester abroad? Or probably you are already finishing your studies but want to gain more job-related experiences? Or you are curious what kind of projects are available in those countries where you can contribute to? We will provide you with a variety of information how to realize your dream and put your ideas into practice!
Workshop given from: Wednesday, May 6th
Given until: Thursday, October 1st
Given by: Eastern Partnership+
Thematic categories: Civic Education /
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 50 participants
Step 1: Warm-up + lead in: Provide paw with a short introduction about EaP and EaP+ - gaining some basic knowledge about the project. Then, ask the pax, who has ever taken part in projects abroad. Which steps did they do for it? What stopped them? Collecting pros and cons about their stay (if available). Step 2: Research Divide the pax in 3 groups: 1. Education 2. Job/internship opportunities 3. Volunteering projects Each group has to find information about 2 opportunities for EU→ EaP and EaP→ EU and write on the flip chart in points (what, where, how long etc). 3. Presentation + questions Pax shall present their ideas and research results to the plenary. Afterwards the trainers will give more input about things that weren't mentioned. Step 4: Outcome Discussion: Would you like to take part in any of the presented programs? Why/Why not? Are there enough opportunities for EaP citizens? How can we improve the situation on the local level and on the international level as part of a big students’ association?

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