Frozen Conflicts in EaP+ Countries

Frozen Conflicts in EaP+ Countries Profile Picture
This workshop aims to foster mutual understanding about the frozen conflicts in some of the EaP+ countries and their historical background. We will focus on the conflict in Transnistria and provide deeper knowledge about it. We will also focus on the current relations between the respective post soviet states. After the participants gained a basic knowledge, we will start with a simulation, where all groups have to act like leaders of different states and discuss a possible solution of the conflict.
Workshop given from: Thursday, May 7th
Given until: Thursday, October 1st
Given by: Eastern Partnership+
Thematic categories: History and Politics / Local Culture
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 40 participants
After we provided the participants with respective knowledge about the conflict in Transnistria, historical issues and further relations between the post soviet countries we will distribute the participants in smaller groups and will start the simulation. Each group has to prepare a position of a country regarding the conflict. Afterwards, all gather together in plenary and discuss the the points of view of the countries they are representing. By doing this, the participants act like the leaders of their represented states and negotiate a possible solution and opportunities how third countries can contribute of the solution.

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