Revolutions in EaP+ Countries

Revolutions in EaP+ Countries Profile Picture
This workshop aims to provide the participants with general knowledge about the EaP+ countries and the project itself. Afterwards the participants will do some research work on the recent revolutions in the introduced countries and present the gained information to the plenary where a comparison will highlight the similarities and/or differences.
Workshop given from: Thursday, May 7th
Given until: Thursday, October 1st
Given by: Eastern Partnership+
Thematic categories: History and Politics / Civic Education
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 30 participants
Step 1: Give a short overview about the EaP+ countries and the project itself. Step 2: Giving a short introduction about revolutions and the theoretical background of them (e.g. why do we call some of them "velvet" or "peaceful" revolution; are their differences in the happening of revolutions...). Afterwards dividing the participants in groups and ask them to do some research on revolutions of one of the EaP+ countries and collect some background information on their outcomes. Step 3: Come together in the plenary and present the results. After each group presented their information a discussion can be started where pax highlight the differences and similarities of the revolutions as well as discussing the relevant political outcome of those revolutions. Step 4: Conclusion

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