Introduction to Sustainability

Introduction to Sustainability Profile Picture
Introduction into the definition of sustainability and ecosystems and why sustainability is important (including enhanced greenhouse gas effect) and positive developments.
Workshop given from: Wednesday, July 1st
Given until: Saturday, August 15th
Given by: Sustainability Committee
Thematic categories: Sustainability /
Language(s) English (we have Dutch and Spanish trainers, please ask for the possibilities)
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 25 participants
Sustainability is a very urgent topic, but it is also very broad and quite complex. Therefore, the aim of this training is not to teach all the ins and outs of sustainability, but to empower the participants to understand the scope of it, the most important and basic factors/components and hopefully make them start acting more sustainable as well. To make them think more critically, and understand some of the discussions, the interests that are at stake etc. A basis will be provided, so they can find more information by themselves afterwards.

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