History of Sustainability inside and outside of AEGEE

History of Sustainability inside and outside of AEGEE Profile Picture
What are the most important events in history related to sustainability? How did the topic of sustainability gain interest in AEGEE and in society? How do events impact each other, and why does change take time?
Workshop given from: Wednesday, July 1st
Given until: Saturday, August 15th
Given by: Sustainability Committee
Thematic categories: Sustainability / History and Politics
Language(s) English (we have Dutch and Spanish trainers, please ask for the possibilities)
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 25 participants
This workshop will start with a brainstorm session on important historical events related to sustainability, both inside and outside of AEGEE. Then it includes a sort of “puzzle” where you will put the different events on a timeline. Furthermore, you will discuss the impact of the different events on society/AEGEE and reflect how society changed over time.

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