Activities and workshops, How to upload them.

Activities and workshops, How to upload them. Profile Picture
Here we will explain in a bit how we want you to get involved in the New Summer University project. As this year is very different from any other. We are not just gonna stay in bed for half a year, so to still achieve what the project stands for we will be providing the network with plenty of activities and education. The best thing is, you can be a part of it. Join us now and have the summer of your life!
Workshop given from: Friday, April 24th
Given until: Saturday, May 30th
Given by: Summer University Coordination Team
Thematic categories: Sustainability /
Language(s) English, Dutch, Italian, German, Czech or Estonian
Trainer involved: No
Training is Online
For 30 participants
Link to more files:
So if you go to the menu on the right side you will find a button that leads you to your personal page where you can insert and edit your activities/workshops. So from that page you will be able to manage all that are put in by you, as of this moment there will just be one person responsible for the information online (submitting and editing).

You can enter moderated events (with a trainer involved) or activities that can be executed by locals themselves, this is all up to you. But always keep in mind that there are more bodies and people that will submit things, so to not create a flood of kind of the same activities, we ask you to go for quality, diversity and clarity over quantity.
Good luck with submitting your workshops and activities.

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