Improvise your Summer!

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Can’t go on holiday this year? Imagine... improvise it! You are now on a sunny beach! And you are not alone, because others will join you in this story. This Summer the Culture Interest Group will host a workshop on improvisational theatre for all AEGEEans. In this informative yet practical workshop we will deal with creative thinking, teamwork and public speaking skills. Do you want to learn how? Contact the Culture IG!
Workshop given from: Monday, June 15th
Given until: Monday, August 31st
Given by: Culture Interest Group
Thematic categories: Arts and Creativity / Soft Skills
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 20 participants
**The games mentioned in this are examples , we have created some more options** We will start the workshop with a short theoretical introduction. We will explain what improvisation and improvisational theater is, how it can be used for personal development and what soft skills we are going to work on: creative thinking, teamwork and public speaking. The workshop has several games to offer, but the amount of games we actually play will depend on the size and energy of the group as well as the preference of the local that wants to host the workshop with us. The duration of the workshop is 1-1,5 hours. For creative thinking specifically, we have a game about discussing the functionality of random objects and a game where people have to express emotions in conversation, without the others knowing what emotion they are expressing. For the teamwork part, we have prepared one game where people have to switch while telling a story together without stuttering. For the public speaking part, we have a game where the speaking person needs to alternate between talking gibberish and normal language in their story and lastly, there is another storytelling game where a volunteer has to talk, while the other participants will have to comment on elements of the story. As is noticeable, the theme of creative thinking actually runs through all of these games. We will end the session with an evaluation on how everyone feels about themselves after participating in the games, what they found challenging and what they have learned.

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