Model European Parliament

Model European Parliament Profile Picture
A small introduction into the life of a Europarlementarian. Every participant will be placed in a European faction. The whole parliament will work on a specific proposal and all later vote on it.
Workshop given from: Monday, June 15th
Given until: Monday, August 31st
Given by: European Citizenship Working Group
Thematic categories: History and Politics /
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 30 participants
First all participants will receive a short crash course on European politics. How does the legislative procedure work? All participants will be placed in one of the european fractions, Then we will present the topic that comes from ‘the european commission’ that they will have to vote on. But first all parties can discuss this topic and come up with small changes in the proposal. In the end, they all present their changes and the whole parliament will vote on the final proposal!

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