LGBT+ realities in Europe

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Have you ever thought about what is life like for a gay, catholic, white, French, midle-age guy? And what about a non-binary, musulim, German citizen on their 20s? This two people are very different but have a thing in common: they are both part of the LGBT+ comunity.
Workshop given from: Wednesday, May 27th
Given until: Friday, July 31st
Given by: Equal Rights Working Group
Thematic categories: Social Inclusion /
Language(s) English, Spanish
Trainer involved: No
Training is Both Online & Offline
For 25 participants
LGBT+ reallities are very diverse. This workshop aims on educating people about that diversity, understanding how different aspects (age, gender, race, nationality, religion) influence the single experience of a LGBT+ person, breaking down stereotypes around LGBT+ identities and understanding the concept of intersectionality.

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