Discussion on porn industry

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Porn consumption has rocketed since the start of the quarantine. But what's behind the scene? Let's find out together!
Workshop given from: Wednesday, May 6th
Given until: Sunday, May 24th
Given by: Gender Equality Interest Group
Thematic categories: Social Inclusion
Language(s) English, Italian
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 25 participants
Gender Equality IG invites you to take part in an online moderated discussion on the porn industry in the era of the world wide web. In particular we will analyse together the role of women: as actress, directors and consumers. The activity will start with a presentation of basic concepts, facts and data, then moving to some graphic input, and finishing with a couple of questions to start the discussion. The introduction and moderation of discussion will be held by Gender Equality Interest Group Moderator. Attention! This is not intended to be a safe space. It requires nonetheless a certain degree of respect towards each other.
Trigger warning: violence, gender violence, rape, sexual violence.

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