Gender mainstreaming in leadership

Gender mainstreaming in leadership Profile Picture
During this workshop you will learn different leadership styles and the way they affect the inclusivity of different genders. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to "power suppression techniques". No idea what we're gonna talk about? You are the perfect participant for this workshop.
Workshop given from: Wednesday, June 10th
Given until: Monday, August 31st
Given by: Hermainy
Thematic categories: Social Inclusion / Soft Skills
Language(s) Russian, English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 15 participants
This workshop is divided in an explanation/theory part and an interactive part in which participants brainstorm together on the issues proposed by the trainer. Some example: think and discuss about one male and one female leader and describe their leadership model and the impact they have in the inclusivity of all genders. Watch 2 video that show power suppression techniques and reflect on their impact on your daily life and the relation they have with leadership.

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