Domestic Violence

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This is a workshop on domestic violence and its forms. Through videos, theory and practical material with a trainer, you will better understand this complex topic and how to recognise, prevent and advocate for the victims. The topic will look at the phenomenon from an intersectional perspective taking many aspects into account, such as gender, social status, culture, religion, disability, and sexual orientation.
Workshop given from: Monday, June 1st
Given until: Monday, August 31st
Given by: Equal Rights Working Group
Thematic categories: Social Inclusion /
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: Yes
Training is Online
For 15 participants
The topic of domestic violence is very wide and diverse. Through this workshop we will aim at looking at the phenomenon from the angle of intersectionality and shine a light on different ways people can be effected. Through videos, theory and personal participation, participants will have a chance to discuss and discover ways of recognising, preventing and advocating for the victims of domestic violence in 21st century.

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