Diving into the beautifully unknown

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Workshop named Diving into the beautifully unknown is exactly what it says. It'll emerge you into a new world and make you experience the corners of English you yet aren't even aware of you know nothing about. It takes form of a game. You will be introduced to a story, and it will be upon you to unravel it, and do it fast (first, possibly). Prepare to have fun, but also to learn. Prepare to enter a new world, and shortly, exit it amused. And smarter. If you want to feel captivated yet free at the same time, dare to join.
Workshop given from: Wednesday, July 8th
Given until: Sunday, October 4th
Given by: Language Interest Group
Thematic categories: Civic Education /
Language(s) English
Trainer involved: No
Training is Online
For 15 participants
Aim of this workshop is familiarizing people with unexplored parts of English language, making something we think we already know so much about, something in fact unfamiliar. Making the universal language again an area opened for investigation, we will touch on some of the forgotten fragments of the language, get acquainted with them, and hopefully exit this workshop with a couple of new words under our sleeves. This workshop is not only hoping to amuse, but also to enrich ones vocabulary for needs of everyday life such are job interviews and similair important meetings where clear and knowledgeable speaking is essential.

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