Team member of WDEE

Juan Sordo Barreiro


I was born 27 years ago in Gijón (Spain). IT engineer, history geek and photography lover might be the main adjectives to define myself. But overall I'm pretty curious, and since I met one girl from Azerbajan who told me that her country was European I was looking for the answer of the question "Where Does Europe End?".




Lavinia Manea


Born 25 years ago in a city near the Romanian seaside, I would define myself as a realistic, multicultural, sea-loving person. I completed my BA and my MA in Foreing Languages and I'm currently doing a MA in International Relations and European Integration in Bucharest. I love foreign languages (across the years I have studied 8 of them), reading psycology books and what I mostly enjoy doing is smiling :)

I discovered the WDEE project while taking part in the kick-off conference in Hungary and I decided to get involved because I believe in the idea that stands behind it and because I have always wanted to be involved in a challenging international project. In addition to that, my work within this project is my way of saying "thank you" to AEGEE for all the wonderful experiences I've had so far over the years.




Katarzyna Bitka



I'm Kasia, 21 years old. I come from Poland, and here I'm studying Linguistics and International Economics. I joined the WDEE team in fall 2009, and I have been working on documentation of the project's results ever since. I speak fluently Polish, English and French, and I know some German and Spanish. I like dancing, travelling, cooking and watching movies. My favourite animal is bear ;) Hope to meet you soon in WDEE events!





Percin Imrek



23 years old Percin from Turkey studies European Studies in K.U. Leuven, Belgium. The founder of the Project also worked as the Project manager for 1,5 years, recently leaving his post to Juan, after being elected as the Chairperson of AEGEE. Now working as a content advisor, Percin is the only person who have remained from the original core team. Working for AEGEE-Europe for 1 year, full time as the Projects Director, he had the inspiration, idea and the courage to create this Project, which he have continued by forming a team who have all worked equally well to bring this Project where it is now. Enjoying travelling, languages, anything with a rhytym, Percin also works as a trainer, both in and out his organization. He speaks fluent Turkish and English, a good level of German, and enough French to survive ( still learning ) J










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