WDEE Kick-off conference Kőszeg 23-29 September 2009



Where Does Europe End project has started it’s first conference right after the hot summer of 2009. The starting point was in a small city in Hungary, Kőszeg where AEGEE-Pécs have very good connections. Due to this we had a high quality, three star hotel with plenty of food and nice atmosphere. The participants were well selected and motivated to contribute to the success plan of WDEE for the future, as the conference served as an input for us. It was kind of an experiment event, as we needed useful and competitive input to our ideas to make the most out of the first intentions of the project. Together with the great participants we managed to build up together the strategical plan of WDEE including future events and their topics and development of street action’s implementation. As WDEE it’s based on people’s perception of Europe (fisical and mental borders) we are focused on survey making in different representative parts of Europe as part of the project's overall concept is having events in geographically and culturally distinct locations within Europe in order to detect the different concepts of it.

The team

Due to this in each country where we are going, we make our surveys with local people in order to find out their answers which are served to open up our perception of Europe. In Hungary there were three locations, the city of Kőszeg and Budapest and the university of Szombathely. In addition to the important street actions we had workshops as well held by WDEE team members and also by guest speakers named Dushana Zdravkova former EPM of Bulgaria and Rina Tsubaki the manager of European Journalism Center.


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