Welcome to "YOUrope needs YOU 2!"

...after great and successfull 1st cycle, we are entering 2nd cycle, with brand new team, ready to rock the network once again!

Dear AEGEE friends!

our YNY2! Action Months are over now and it is my pleasure to inform you about the outcome of this very active period, when many locals organized workshops at high schools in their cities.... How was Action Months 2010?

There were many locals which participated at ACTION MONTHS this year!:) Locals which did something GREAT - organized workshops at high schools and by this EMPOWERed high school students and showed them how to become ACTIVE EUROPEAN CITIZENS, same as we all in AEGEE are:) People and locals that made YNY2! workshop:

  • Benni in AEGEE-Aachen (1 WS)
  • Sabrina in AEGEE-Toulouse (2 WS)
  • Melinda in AEGEE-Budapest (2 WS)
  • Deniz from AEGEE-Urla (2 WS)
  • Patricia from AEGEE-Bratislava (1 WS)
  • Faristamo from AEGEE-Tallin (2 WS)
  • Camelia in AEGEE-Sibiu (6 WS)
  • Gabriela in AEGEE-Bucuresti (1 WS)
  • Catarina in AEGEE-Porto (1 WS)

...they did workshops at high schools and they just loved it!! So for now - 10 people in 10 different locals did together 21 workshops!! And that is not enough, because they are already preparing another ones at different high schools!!:)))

Seeing this great results, reading reports about workshops and receiving emails from other AEGEE members who got inspired by YNY2! and its aims and want to join our project too - it makes me very happy to see that there is still huge interest in our network to work on this issue, to empower high school students and by this, also prepare next AEGEE generation. Because young people in Europe - they are our future.

So if you find this interesting, do not hesitate, join YNY2!, contact us and find out more about this amazing project! Because thanks to the great interest from the network, we are currently preparing 2nd wave of YNY2! Action Months 2010 which will happen already this autumn! Do not forget that YOUrope needs YOU 2! too! :)