About the Project

Under the framework of the Youth Employment Action Consortium, the European Students’ Forum – AEGEE is launching the Youth UnEmployment project which aims to help young people aged between 18 and 30 increase their employability. As a students’ association with 15,000 members in 42 European countries, AEGEE has gathered big experience in the field of formal and Non-Formal Education over the past decades.

Nowadays students often have to face a trade-off between their academic and non-academic commitment. They contribute to the society as volunteers and through being involved in workshops following the foundations of Non Formal Education. Unfortunately, their work often remains unrecognised by their University and their future employers.

The Youth UnEmployment project wants to tackle these problems with implementing a series of activities that will help young people to increase their employability and will lobby for the recognition of voluntary work and non-formal education as work experience.

Youth UnEmployment Project

Aim :

Increase youth employability.

Objectives :

  • Increase the recognition of voluntary work as working experience.
  • Increase the recognition of non formal education.
  • Empower young people to effectively transform their skills and preferences into employment.
  • Empower youth to set up enterprises.
  • Raise awareness about employment opportunity.