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EAD in Yerevan

Under the umbrella of Youth Unemployment Project a group of enthusiastic members of AEGEE-Yerevan undertook the challenge to be involved for the first time in AEGEE European level project.

EAD - AEGEE-YerevanOn 28th of January “Employment Action Day” a day-long event was organized, which was covering the different aspects of youth employability and professional growth.

The event was attended by around 200 students and young professionals from the capital and other cities of the country.

Based on the survey results and positive feedbacks from the participants we can conclude that the event had a great success and positive impact.

Over 35 media hit on TV, radio youth channels and online news portals highlighted the event...

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EAD in Moskva

After receiving a letter from “Youth UnEmployment” project about the opportunity to support the EAD-idea at the local level and to organize the EAD-conference in our city, we agreed without any hesitation. The main problem was to choose the topic of our conference, because all of the offered themes seemed to be very interesting and important. But the two of them attracted our attention and aroused our interest: voluntary work and entrepreneurship. After a long controversy about the theme of the conference we decided to take them both. That’s why our conference assumed a special character and a program, which consisted of two different parts.

EAD - AEGEE-Moskva

The main idea we wanted to report to our future visitors was: “How voluntary work and entrepreneurship can help exactly you and what skills and exper...

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EAD in Skopje

As part of the activities in December of 2010, AEGEE – Skopje implemented the Employment Action Days, part of the „Youth UnEmployment Project“. We chose two from the offered topics and both action days went very well.

Before the beginning of each EAD there was time to introduce the participants with AEGEE and the „Youth UnEmployment Project“ and explain them why we are having this EADs.

The first one was dedicated to the subject „All About Getting a Job“, we had trainer from the National Center for Development of Innovation and Enterprenurial Learning and about 60 participants...

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Employment Action Days

Employment Action Days is an action of Youth UnEmployment Project which is going to take a place in AEGEE antennae. Participants around the Europe will gain knowledge on four main areas.

Duration: 1 – 3 days

When: in the turn of December 2010 and January 2011

Where: Sofia, Tirana, Gdansk, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Moscow, Lublin, Barcelona, Yerevan, Skopje, Izmir and Riga.


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Employment Action Day aims to increase recognition of non formal education and voluntary work as working experience.


Increase skills and awareness of youngsters in 4 main areas:

  • Self-employment (entrepreneurship)
  • Social Media
  • Voluntary work as work experience
  • “All about getting a job”


Antennae Area Date
AEGEE-Tirana Voluntary work as working experience, All about g...
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