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ESE in Catania




The European School of Entrepreneurship will take place in Catania, 5-12 December 2011

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Florence I. J. Franks – ESE 2011 Manager
Peppe Gianni – ESE 2011 local coordinator

ESE 2011 Trainers:
Beata Matuszka
Mario Scuderi
Eleni Baltatzi
Nini Chanturia

AEGEE-Catania staff:
Giovanna Zuccarello
Francesco Spampinato
Paolo Furia

In collaboration with:

YHC Student Incubator

ESTIEM Catania

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New Ideas, New Skills, New Opportunities

EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP – New Ideas, New Skills, New Opportunities

Businessmen, university professors, young entrepreneurs from all over Europe and enthusiastic AEGEEans – I guess we’re not talking about a regular AEGEE event?

This is European School of Entrepreneurship – an innovative project aiming to equip participants with a complete overview how to implement the business idea and the procedures of setting up their own enterprise. Twenty participants will gather together during seven days in the beginning of December in beautiful Sicily. The training course is organized by AEGEE-Catania aimed for student or graduates “who wish to use effectively their skills and ideas to get into enterprise and succeed in life.”

Tackling youth unemployment

The “European School of En...

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European School of Entrepreneurship – 2011

European School of Entrepreneurship will be a place where young people will gain their first knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship. It will be the first step of their own companies and it will be the step towards higher youth employability.

When: 05.12-12.12.2011

Where: Catania

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The European School of Entrepreneurship aims at equipping participants with a complete overview of how to set up and run their own enterprise/business.


  • To promote entrepreneurship among participants
  • To increase self-confidence of participants in order to stimulate them to start own business in their own countries
  • To increase professional skills of participants for being entrepreneurs
  • To promote active citizenship and EU values: solidarity, democracy, tolerance, coope...
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