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ESE – Easy Step to become an Entrepreneur

Could you change your life and become an entrepreneur? European School of Entrepreneurship is encouraging young people to do it!

“Youth unemployment is growing.”, “Youth employment crisis.” , “The lost generation.”…

These are the titles that appear in the headlines more and more often. Nowadays the young generation – especially the fresh graduates, have to face the big problem of unemployment. Everybody tries to find the best solution to the problem. One of these solutions is starting your own business. Combining initiative, good ideas, courage, determination and an open-minded attitude can be transformed to the best medicine for unemployment...

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European School of Entrepreneurship

European School of Entrepreneurship will be a place where young people will gain their first knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship. It will be the first step of their own companies and it will be the step towards higher youth employability.

When: 1st – 8th Ocober 2012

Where: Santander

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The European School of Entrepreneurship aims at equipping participants with a complete overview of how to set up and run their own enterprise/business.


  • To promote entrepreneurship among participants
  • To increase self-confidence of participants in order to stimulate them to start own business in their own countries
  • To increase professional skills of participants for being entrepreneurs
  • To promote active citizenship and EU values: solidarity, democracy, tole...
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