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Magdalena Pawlowska

Magdalena_Pawlowska-270Magdalena Pawłowska

Project Manager


In her life Magdalena Pawlowska follows the motto “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. As she wants to be a very lucky person, she became a master of psychology and philosophy. For one semester she was a student at the Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, USA, and had four professional internships in Poland. Since April 2010 she has been working in the biggest polish newspaper’s marketing department and its portal.

Magdalena is created to work with people; she was a member and chairman of many univeristy organizations in her college years. Nowadays, she continues voluntary work in AEGEE as it helps her to grow as a person – she organizes events in order to change people’s lives for the better.

She asks questions, wants to learn and explo...

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Tansu Karabulut

Tansu_Karabulut-270Tansu Karabulut

Public Relations Responsible
Youth for Employment Manager

Tansu is 23 years old, graduated from Dokuz Eylul University in the department of Business Administration and currently works in an International Publication Company as office manager in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tansu has attended AEGEE-Izmir in December 2007 and experienced 7 international and several local events of AEGEE so far.
She thinks that AEGEE is a wide pool which broadens your mind, gains you wide point of view including great people and fun in it. She is happy to continue actively involving in AEGEE through this project because she believes that this project will enrich her life with unforgettable memories as well as create a possitive effect in the world.

She is fluent in Turkish, English and learning Russian...

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Mateusz Urbanczyk

Mateusz_Urbanczyk-270Mateusz Urbańczyk

Financial Director

Mateusz studies Finance and Accountancy at Poznan University of Economics. He has begun his journey with AEGEE in September 2009. Since then he was active in 9 projects on local level and participated in 12 AEGEE events. Mateusz always wanted to work on the European level so the Youth UnEmployment project is perfect opportunity to him.

He is particularly interested in youth unemployment and recognition of voluntary work as working experience. He finds these topics very important also for him because he knows that he will have to look for a job in very close future.

His hobby is cooking and his favorite food is salad, so if you want to became his friend, prepare a salad for him! 🙂

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Orest Zub

Orest_Zub-270Орест Зуб

European School of Entrepreneurship Manager

Orest Zub was born 04 December 1987 in Lviv, Ukraine.

Graduated from Classical Gymnasium in 2004 and joined Law Faculty in Lviv National University.

Within 5 years of studying attended numerous academic events throughout Europe and beyond. In recent years was working and having professional internship experience in Poland, Ukraine, Croatia and India.

In 2009 graduated from Lviv National University and currently actively working in travel, real estate and even management business back in native Lviv.
Orest Zub is explorer, advantureman and just a curious person who is actively traveling and visited so far more than 30 countries.

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Alma Mozgovaja

Alma_Mozgovaja-270Alma Mozgovaja

European School of Entrepreneurship Manager
Survey Responsible

Alma is 25 years old girl from Riga, graduated Communication science, but working already for 5 years in marketing.

She had been active in AEGEE for 5 years. 2 years as a board member of AEGEE-Riga – HR responsible and the president. Now she is EVS coordinator in AEGEE-Riga. Alma coordinated and organized plenty of local and international events and now is preparing one of AEGEE most important meetings – European Boards’ Meeting 2011 in Riga.

Alma is also active as a trainer in LTC, NWM and now will be one of European School 1 in Las Palmas trainers...

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Lucille Rieux

Lucille_Rieux-270Lucille Rieux

Fund Raising Responsible


Lucille Rieux discovered AEGEE when coming back from an Erasmus in Sweden. She was so enthousiastic by this experience that she looked for any kind of association which would give her the possibility to keep on discovering other cultures. Yet, when first finding out about AEGEE, she had no idea it would change her life that much 🙂

While ending her master in Political Science and cultural management, she became president of her antenna in Toulouse, France, and spent one year of intense working with a small but incredible team, managing several local events and exchanges. Since april 2010, she took off for the European level, becoming network commissioner...

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Iina Lietzen

Iina_Lietzen-270Iina Lietzén

Public Relations Responsible

Iina is a sociology student from Turku with minors ranging from psychology to political history. She is very interested in both European and global affairs and enjoys meeting people from various locations of the Earth to discuss these matters – and just to make friends.

She has travelled around and lived for a while in France. She has also done an internship in NYC to see how the world looks like at the other side of the Atlantic. She is currently working part time at the university of Turku besides writing her thesis.

Iina discovered AEGEE in 2007 and has organized and attended several AEGEE events around Europe...

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Kristel Jurado

Ines_Kristel_Jurado_Alvarez-270Kristel Jurado


Kristel comes from Strasbourg, France, where she grew up in a Spanish family. Regarding her studies, she postgraduated in conference interpreting and graduated in translation and European studies.

Her passion is travelling and she had the opportunity to discover many nice places throughout Europe. Her love for Europe as a continent but also as a amazing project led her to join AEGEE-Strasbourg in September 2010, where she has been the Secretary until January 2012. Unfortunately, moving to Edinburgh, she had to give up the position, but still wanted to be an active member that is why she joind the Youth UnEmployment Project. Being part of this team is an honour as unemployment is a real scourge for our societies and wellfare...

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David Garcia Rodriguez

David_Garcia_Rodriguez-270David García Rodríguez

Fund Raising Responsible

David is from León, Spain. He is 22 years old, and he is graduated In Business Management and Andministration by the University of León. He joined AEGEE in March 2011, on the back of his erasmus, when he started to share the european feeling and brake stereotypes.

He likes to travel, do non typical sports, as climbing or hiking, and he was swimming in a team for 9 years; but his best feeling is when he feels useful, helping others or organizing something for common interests.  For him, AEGEE opened his the eyes to a new world, with people in the same situation than him, and now he has many friends through Europe that they could help him in some occasions if he needs something from them or their countries or cities.

He joined to Youth Une...

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Turgut Tosun

Turgut_Tosun-270Turgut Tosun

ESE Santander Manager

Turgut is a civil engineering student. Although he is studying engineering, he barely pays attention to this field. He became a member of AEGEE on 2007 and he has been active in civic society for almost 5 years.

During the last 5 years, Turgut organized and participated in many events inside and outside AEGEE. He can clearly say that he learnt so much from those events. Every single event Turgut has organized or participated in or every single person Turgut met made him more open-minded and helped him to shape his life. He believes that his learning process will never end.

At the end of the first year in AEGEE, Turgut found out that he wants to travel, he wants it a lot. Therefore he has been traveling whenever he finds time and appropriate conditions...

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