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Florence I. J. Franks

Florence_Franks-270Florence I. J. Franks

Project Manager

Florence is Italian. She studied law at the University of Florence. She lives and works in Paris as assistant director in a leisure centre for children.

She has been an AEGEE-addicted since 2008 and has participated at several European events within and outside AEGEE.
Currently, she is involved also in other international project teams.

Of course she loves travelling, explore, and meeting cool people!!! She is fond of art, cinema, photography and vintage clothes!

She likes people that “read, every day, something no one else is reading.
Think, every day, something no one else is thinking.
Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do.”

She believes in the AEGEE motto: “We Make Europe Happen!”, for this reason she is an enthusiastic vo...

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Nini Chanturia

Nini_Chanturia-270ნინი ჭანტურია

Employment Action Day Manager

Nini Chanturia is 21 years old. Currently she is a Vice-President of AEGEE-Tbilisi. She graduated from the University in July 2010. Faculty of: Finance, banking, Insurance, and her secondary faculty: Journalism. She worked in a newspaper and magazine. For this moment she does an intern in a Bank. Besides this, she is actively involved in NGO sector. Nini is a team leader of NGO- “Women’s Democracy Network” and coordinator of Euroforum network in Georgia. She was a participant of many simulations, like: “General Assembly” of NATO, UN and etc. That was an official part of her life. 🙂

Nini LOVEs very much to dance. She was a soloist of the International dancing ensemble, during 12 years...

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Magdalena Kortas

Magdalena KortasMagdalena Kortas

Human Resources manager

Magdalena Kortas, born in Poland with Polish-Ukrainian origin and strong sense of European identity.

A student of International Economics with specialization in Management at University of Gdańsk. She loves to travel, meet new people and is interested in international relations, human development and intercultural communication.

As a member of AEGEE since 2012, she has taken part in many international conferences and events. On a local level she was also a board member and working group coordinator. She knows three languages: Polish, English and Spanish. Now she works for European Personnel Selection Office as a Career Ambassador and promotes opportunities and career paths in EU institutions.

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Maryia Anishchankava

Maryia AnishchankavaMaryia Anishchankava

ESE Las-Palmas officer

Maryia was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she got her first higher education in Intercultural Communications and Foreign Languages.
In 2009 she moved to Italy where she obtained her 2nd degree in International Commerce at the University of Verona.
In 2011 she won a scholarship and passed a semester at the University of Richmond, VA, USA, where while being an exchange student she worked as a tutor of Russian and Italian.
In 2013 together with a group of dedicated Belarusians Maryia co-founded an NGO – Global Belarusian Leaders ( which aims to promote Belarus and unite Belarusians all around the world.

In this same year her AEGEEan experience started...

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Ania Ankowska

Ania AnkowskaAnia Ankowska

PR Manager

Ania is an active, driven and ambitious person characterised by a truly cross disciplinary and global attitude who is eager to be exposed to different cultures and aims to have a truly international experience.

Ania graduated from MA in Development Studies, Economic Integration and Institutions from Valencia University. This course triggered and developed her interest in global issues such as active participation, youth unemployment, governance, entrepreneurship. Recently Now Ania started a PhD in economic development at Northumbria University where she investigates the entrepreneurial governance and mobilization of private Interests in the pursuit of public goals.

Ania has a profound knowledge and understanding of EU youth and inclusion policies that has been att...

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Mathieu Savary

Mathieu Savary

Content manager

Mathieu has been a member of AEGEE-Brussels for 2 years and is now President of his local. He too part in the January meeting of the Youth Employment Project team, where the new objectives of the project were prepared before being presented at Agora Patra. Besides running the local and coordinating the board, he was very involved in the Y-Vote 2014 campaign and organized the closing convention of the project in Brussels together with AEGEE-Europe and the Y-Vote core team.

Mathieu achieved his Masters of European studies last August before starting a traineeship at the European Commission (DG Employment) and worked specifically the Youth Guarantee, the Quality Framework on Traineeships, and the less well-known European Alliance for Apprenticeships...

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Francesca Russo

Francesca RussoFrancesca Russo

ESE Manager

Francesca is finishing her master degree in Statistics at the University of Padova (Italy).
She did an Erasmus and an internship in Leuven (BE), won an Erasmus Placement in Lyon and now she’s an intern in a social business dealing with Microcredits all around Italy. She values a lot self development so she did many youth in action projects and european trainings such as Entrepreunership European School 2012 and Leadership Summer School in Sofia 2013.

She started her AEGEE career at 18 before starting either university, with a Summer University, but became active in 2011 when she was elected president of her local, AEGEE-Padova. She didn’t stop only to the local level...

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Magda Bednarz

Magda BednarzMagda Bednarz

Fund Raising manager

Magda comes from Poland, Wrocław where she studied Management at University of Technology. During last five years her hobby – volunteering, became a serious part in her life.

At first, Magda started her journalist career in academic radio, where she was a host of “Start Up!” broadcast. Youth enterprising, startups, career building and european projects were the following topics of her programme.

In the meanwhile, she felt in love in AEGEE by participation in a lot of AEGEE events or organizing some on local level. For a while she was looking for her place in this association. Magda wants to put together gained experience and use it somehow in a good way. Youth UnEmployment Project is definitely the appropriate place to use all her skill and energy.

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George Dimitrakopoulos

George_Dimitrakopoulos-270Γιώργος Δημητρακόπουλος

IT Responsible

George Dimitrakopoulos was born on 6th May 1986 in Patra, Greece. He is now PhD student at Electrical and Computer Engineering department of University of Patra, from which he graduated in July 2010.

George really likes books, films and theatre, computer programming, good food and of course travelling, especially by train. That’s why he joined AEGEE, three years ago, and since then he has attended and organized as well many events and currently is in the Advisory Board of AEGEE-Patra and Speaker of the Information Technology Committee.

Youth UnEmployment Project caught his interest, because it deals with a major problem which concerns most people in his age.

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Anna Tsilidou

Anna TsilidouΆννα Τσιλίδου

PR Officer 

Anna comes from Aleksandrupolis ,Greece and is 19 years old. She studies Finance and Accounting at University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, and she really likes it .

Clearly she is an obsessive multitasker, always wanting to do more, even when there’s no time. She speaks fluently 4 languages (now deciding the 5th to learn) and loves debating, volunteering and travelling among others. A strong advocate of urban cycling, she has always admired the bicycle culture of Denmark and the Netherlands .

Currently, she just returned from a summer course in the University of Aarhus and is the proud Speakers Manager of TEDxUniversityofMacedonia.

Since she discovered AEGEE she tries to attend and organize as many events as possible...

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