Open Call: “Youth employment” concept development meeting

Dear AEGEE members

If you are following attentively the AEGEEan, last week an article about
AEGEE role in the Youth UnEmployment issue:

Therefore, since the topic will continue being one of the hot issues in
Europe in the next years, and since YOUTH EMPLOYMENT was also chosen as one of the Focus Areas of the new Strategic Plan, the Comité Directeur and the Youth (un)Employment project want to invite all motivated members to join us for a meeting to redefine our work in the field. We are looking for new members, fresh ideas…YOUR ideas!

Have you ever paid any thought to the youth employment situation? Are
interested in what is happening in Europe? Are you interested in youth
policies on employment, youth guarantee, internships, mobility, entrepreneurship? Do you have ideas on how AEGEE can play a role in this
field? Do you want to be a member of a multicultural team? Do you want to inspire other people with your positive energy? Well now you can!

The meeting will be organized in Brussels from 24 January to 26 January
2014, and we want you there to make AEGEE a real key player in Youth
Employment in 2014! During the meeting we will discuss the future of the
project (new initiatives or continuation of the Youth (un)Employment
project), our strategy and objectives.

What we are looking for is idea and energy but also commitment and
motivation. This will be a long term project so we need several AEGEE
members and you can learn and develop yourself by doing all kind of

Your application should contain:

1. Your name + AEGEE local
2. Field of study/work
3. What experience do you have in AEGEE?
4. Why do you want to work in the field of Youth Employment?

Please send your application to before Dec 28th.

To know more the project please check our website:


Youth UnEmployment Project Team and Comité Directeur