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Your first EURES job

Do you want to work abroad? Here is your chance to do it! Read about the initiative of our partner, Gi Group, and EURES.

“Your first EURES job” (YfEj) initiative provides support for foreign employment for young entrepreneurs.

Your first EURES job

What’s this?

Your First EURES job is a free of charge mobility scheme that helps young EU citizens to find job opportunities in other EU countries. This is part of the European Union ‘Europe 2020’ flagship initiative “Youth On The Move” and one of the key actions to address youth unemployment and boost youth labor mobility.

Who can participate in our pr...

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Youth Employment developments: France

Here you will find some information on some developments in youth employment policy in France.
French President François Hollande was elected on 6 May 2012, and right from the beginning he asserted that he wanted to be judged on two issues: justice and youth. Currently one in four young people are out of work in France and the poverty rate for young people is twice that of the rest of the population.
The government has began to make proposals and an inter-ministerial committee will make unveil a finalised youth strategy on 21 February.  Two priorities have already been established youth: education and employment.
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