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Joint Event Eurofound-YouthIntergroup-European Youth Forum

Save-the-date: 28th February 2013, European Parliament, Brussels

»Youth Disengagement – what costs and what remedies?«

A discussion with policy makers and stakeholders, jointly organised by the Eurofound and the European Youth Forum. Hosted by the European Parliament “Youth Intergroup”.


This joint ...

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Effectiveness of policy measures to increase the employment participation of young people

Here you will find a very important and informative study that has been carried out by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound). As you know Eurofound has been focusing quite a lot on youth employment recently and has launched two comprehensive studies on NEETs. In the coming months it will also release new studies on the social inclusion of young people.

Earlier this week Eurofound published a report on the ‘Effectiveness of policy measures to increase the employment participation of young people’. This study finds that Member States have implemented a set of diverse measures to combat youth unemployment...
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Employment and Social Developments in Europe Review

Yesterday the European Commission launched the 2012 edition of the Employment and Social Developments in Europe Review. This is a very interesting document for anyone interested in employment or social inclusion policy in Europe. The Report itself it very long, so if you don’t have the time it takes to read it I have attached the FAQ document, which includes a really good synopsis and explanation of the reason why there is growing poverty and divergence between the North and South of Europe.
A frequent question that people working on youth employment is why should young people have specific policies and investment, well this question is very aptly addressed in the report...
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From European Commission:Speech on Employment and Social Situation Yearly Review 2012

From the press conference earlier today, a very interesting speech from Commissioner László Andor on the Social Situation Yearly Review 2012. The speech was made at an event to launch the second Employment and Social Situation Yearly Review, which I will also send around. Some highlights include:
Youth Employment 

The skills mismatch problem is particularly acute for the 7.5 million young Europeans between 15 and 24 who are unemployed or not in any form of education or training (so-called NEETs).

The proposals outlined in our December 2012 Youth Employment Package aim to address this problem by ensuring that jobless young people can boost their chances of finding a job...

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