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EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review

The latest EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review has been published.

The Review highlights that the number of jobs is at an all time low since the onset of the crisis. Youth unemployment continues to rise in countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia, and in April 2013 stood at 23.5% in the EU27.
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UK releases framework on new traineeship scheme

The UK last week released a government framework detailing a new traineeship scheme. Whilst the scheme has a strong emphasis on the quality of traineeships, and their educational purpose, the remuneration of trainees is not part of the scheme’s regulations:
“Employers are not required to pay young people for the work placement under the traineeship. Traineeships fall under an exemption to the National Minimum Wage. We would encourage, but do not require, employers to consider providing trainees with support to meet their travel or meal costs.” (p.23)
As outlined in the European Quality Charter on Internships and Apprenticeships, remuneration of trainees is a core element of quality internships in order to ensure that internships are equally accessible to all young people and are n...
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