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New publication: Quality Jobs for Young People

From Youth Policy Watch Issue 92 by YFJ

Youth Summit calls for greater action to provide quality jobs

Young people across Europe gathered in Paris to discuss and propose bold solutions to tackle the on-going youth unemployment crisis. The Youth Summit on Quality Jobs was held to coincide with the intergovernmental conference that EU leaders attended to discuss the same topic area.

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Please find the new publication from the European Youth Forum about quality jobs here

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EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review

The latest EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review has been published.

The Review highlights that the number of jobs is at an all time low since the onset of the crisis. Youth unemployment continues to rise in countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia, and in April 2013 stood at 23.5% in the EU27.
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Quality jobs: an article from EU Observer


Poor pay: the flipside of Germany’s low unemployment

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BERLIN – With its record-low unemployment (5.4%), Germany stands out among fellow eurozone countries such as France or Spain, suffering from sky-high jobless rates.

Part of Germany’s success is due to a series of reforms pushed through by the Social-Green government of former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder ten years ago, overhauling the labour market and welfare system.

He made it easier for companies to hire and fire, lowered taxes and limited social benefits. The Schroeder model is now viewed as a must-do for crisis-plagued EU countries in the south.

But the flipside of Germany’s high employment rate is low-paid and unstable jobs.

A debate in the German Bundes...

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