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The Youth Guarantee in France: la Garantie Jeunes

The article from Youth Policy Watch Issue 84 of the European Youth Forum state how the Youth Guarantee is becoming a reality in France

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The European Commission has announced that only nine of the twenty-eight European Union countries have submitted plans to tackle the bloc’s youth unemployment crisis. Under the so-called Youth Guarantee Scheme, all member states must submit plans to the European Commission before the end of this month. Watch here

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EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review

The latest EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review has been published.

The Review highlights that the number of jobs is at an all time low since the onset of the crisis. Youth unemployment continues to rise in countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia, and in April 2013 stood at 23.5% in the EU27.
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Youth Forum Interview with Europarl TV

Following the YO! Fest the Youth Forum’s Secretary General, Giuseppe Porcaro, did an in-depth interview with Europarl TV on young people and Europe.
The first part of the interview focuses on youth participation and the European elections next year, the second part focuses on youth employment. Particularly the youth guarantee and the need to invest further in the scheme
You can watch the interview at the following link:
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A story from Norway

Read the article from the Nordic Labour Journal here

Bjarne Brøndbo, the employer who didn’t say no after the first attempt

He stood there with his cigaret behind his ear, asking: Bjarne, where can I smoke? “That was the first thing he said to me,” says employer Bjarne Brøndbo. After a few hours he was ready to give up on the school dropout. He called the Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) and said he didn’t think it would work. Give him one more chance, said Randi Nyheim Aglen from the youth team. That was the beginning of a good story. What happened?

May 22, 2013 | Text: Berit Kvam, Photo: Martin Hågensen

Bjarne Brøndbo, entrepreneur and head of car breakers and online car spares company gave the 17 year old one more week. He took him into his office and told him:

“I understand that you have no work experience. If you are to stay here I expect things from you. Let’s start with two things: you will be in work every day. The working day starts at eight in the morning. You must be here a little bit before so you are ready to start work at eight o’clock sharp, and you will work until four o’clock. And second: you will not have your hands in your pockets. These are your tasks for the first week. If you manage that we have come very far.”

That was the clear message from the employer, but the ten workers at the small car spares company had to back the move.

“Thanks to my not particularly skeptical workers who were willing to try this, he stayed with us for a while,” says Bjarne Brøndbo.

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National and Regional work on Youth Guarantee

There have been several developments on the youth guarantee in recent weeks.

The National Youth Council of Ireland and the European Youth Forum gave input to the Joint Committee on EU Affairs in the Irish Parliament last week on the youth guarantee.

You can find an article on it here, and NYCI’s press release here.
NYCI has produced a factsheet on the youth guarantee(find it here), which applies many of the European statistics on youth unemployment to their own national context.
The Spanish Youth Council have also produced a Spanish version of the Youth Guarantee in Europe publication (attached).
To read about regional application of the youth guarantee scheme, see at the example in Birmingham and Aragon: read the article here
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A YuE newsletter on Youth Guarantee

It really seems that 2013 is the year of Youth Guarantee debate! In YuE team we do hope it will remain a hot topic of discussion until all Members States will have recognized the need of implementing it for their youth!

If you’re not familiar with the Youth Guarantee, check out our publication about it. Here’s our Special Edition on Youth Guarantee.

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€3.16 bn – cost of doing nothing to combat youth unemployment

Press Releases

For press enquiries, please contact Daniel Meister, Communications Officer at the NYCI on 087 781 4903 or 01 425 5955 or email

 €3.16 bn – cost of doing nothing to combat youth unemployment

 The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) welcomed political support for a “youth guarantee” following a meeting on the scheme today with Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton.

The NYCI has been a long time advocate of a youth guarantee – which would ensure young people on the live register for four months or more will automatically be directed into employment, education or training.

Following this latest round of meetings between NYCI, the European Youth Forum and both opposition and government during the EU Presidency, the Youth Council has warned that while a broad political consensus on the issue is to be welcomed, now is the time to get into the details and put ideas into action.

“The youth guarantee scheme is not a panacea, but it is an important first step – it could work in Ireland, if a number of conditions are satisfied,” said NYCI deputy director, James Doorley, speaking after the meeting.

“Firstly, it...

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European employment & social policy Ministers to meet in Dublin tomorrow to focus on getting people into work

Today and tomorrow employment, social affairs and health (EPSCO) Ministers will meet at an ‘Informal’ EPSCO in Dublin.
As expected the youth guarantee will be on the agenda, along with the issues of addressing social exclusion and addressing inequality on the labour market. The Youth Guarantee will be specifically addressed tomorrow at 10:00 – 12:30 (Irish time) in an meeting chaired by the Irish Minister of Social Protection, Joan Burton TD.Please find below a press release from the Irish Presidency (kindly forwarded by NYCI)

European employment & social policy Ministers to meet in Dublin tomorrow to focus on getting people into work

DUBLIN, 6 February – Employment and Social Policy Ministers are convening in Dublin tomorrow for a two day informal meeting focusing on one of the most difficult social problems facing Europe. The theme of the informal meeting is “getting people into work”. Ministers will share views and experiences on a number of policy areas, ranging from jobs and skills development in ICT, youth unemployment and activating jobless households that will feed into the process of developing services and supporting European people back into work.

The first plenary session will be co-chaired by Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton TD and Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD. The second plenary session on youth employment will be chaired by Minister Joan Burton.

Minister Joan Burton will al...

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Joan Burton : We must give hope to Europe’s youth


Ireland’s welfare system should be a springboard as well as a safety net for our unemployed, writes Joan Burton

Let’s start with the figures, because they’re simply horrendous. Across Europe right now, 5.5 million young people – one in five of those aged between 15 and 24 who are on the labour market – are without a job. In some individual member states, the situation is even worse.

In Spain and Greece, it’s one in every two young people on the labour market, with youth unemployment rates above 50 per cent. In Ireland, the rate is 32 per cent, which corresponds to about 61,000 young people.

This is not just a problem. It’s an existential crisis for the European Union. The economic cost has been estimated at more than €150bn a year, or 1.2 per cent of EU GDP. But how do we measure the social cost, the terrible and potentially lasting effects of unemployment on the young people themselves?

The internationally respected economists David Bell and David Blanchflower found that even a short spell of unemployment when young can have devastating effects throughout a person’s life.

Youth unemployment increases the lik...

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Work on Youth Guarantee: the practice of the National Youth Council of Ireland

The National Youth Council of Ireland has been doing a lot of work on a national level on the youth guarantee and has been working closely with the Youth Forum on youth employment in the context of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU.
 NYCI have launched a Fact-sheet on the youth guarantee in Ireland and have been strongly advocating the policy to both the government and opposition parties. Currently NYCI and the Spanish Youth Council have produced materials on the youth guarantee nationally and many other youth councils have been writing to government Ministers and advocating the potential benefits of the youth guarantee in their country.
Please find an interesting infographic at the link here
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