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  • Tariq Ramadan: 'Western Muslims and the future of Islam'. Find more of his articles and links here

    Euro-Islam: a cultural phenomenon

Islam in Europe is as diverse as the believers countries of origin. And yet when Europe fails in its task to integrate Muslim immigrants, religion gives them a common identity. Article in the European online magazine "cafebabel". Read more

  • Muslims in the UK: Policies for Engaged Citizens

    Report about Muslims in the UK. The report includes theemployment paper by Zamila Bunglawala (labour market analyst), launchedon 22 July 2004. Read more

    • Islamism in the Diaspora. The fascination of political Islam among second generation German Turks
    Werner Schiffauer, Germany


    • European Islam: the return of Hagar (by Abdal-Hakim Murad)

    The arrival and settlement of significant Muslim populations in Europes heartlands is often met with political oppression, security obsession, and religious suspicion from its governments and media. It need not be so, says a British Muslim convert: Muslim migration could reinvigorate Europe, if the continent can learn to think globally, resist irrational reflexes, and rediscover itself in the encounter with its most significant other.

    read more


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    May 2007: Workshop , AGORA Valetta, Malta.


    October 2007: Euro Islam Conference, AEGEE-Istanbul (more info soon)



    Winter 2007: Conference on Islamophobia , AEGEE-Baku, Azerbaijan