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Mount Ararat, view from Armenia Ananuri mountain church, Georgia Domes of public bath in Baku, Azerbaijan


Short Project Description

The main mission of this cst was to bring youth leaders from Europe and from the Trans-Caucasus together, in order to develop a better understanding of each other and to provide the possibility to create links among youth. We are aware, as AEGEE, we cannot save the world, we cannot solve the ethnic conflicts, and we cannot impose our pink colours to long-suffering countries. However, there is a lot we CAN do, and this cst aspires to be the beginning of a long and fruitful co-operation.

This cst had three main aims:

1. To introduce the diverse cultures of the region and to build detailed knowledge, to help form a better understanding of the current situation in that region to the participants. This will be realised by a lot of thematic preparation done by the team, before the cst.

2. To support local civil society in the Caucasus, namely NGOs and student organisation like us, in terms of knowledge and know-how. This will be realised by a series of workshops that we can organise, during our stay there, according to the wishes of our partners in the Caucasus. 

3. To create new personal relations, to build the famous bridges, to "broaden" our minds, by experiencing a different way of thinking, and by sharing time together. Even though we do not have a concrete plan of how this is going to be realised, since this is the most intangible objective of all, we are convinced that of all three this is the most valuable aim, and the one that depends completely on each one of us, both on individual as well as on group level.

Current developments in the Caucasus CST

The CST team has happily and successfully completed its visit to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The trip took place from August 14th to September 1st, 2003. All sides recognised the high added value of the event in terms of deepend cultural, historical and political understanding and acknowledged that bridges have indeed been built.

At present, the photo, digital and information material collected is being sorted out and archived. A CR-Rom is under preparation, as well as the final project report. 



Caucasus Case Study Trip Manager: Aliki Louvrou


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