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The Where Does Europe End project is, very generally speaking, concerned with European identity and the future of European integration.

Founded and carried out by members of AEGEE, the project aims to examine the physical and mental borders of Europe in people's perception. In the course of the project, a series of conventions are organised, geographically covering different corners of Europe. In these conventions, young participants from all over Europe gather to meet the local population and discover their concept of Europe, discuss different hot topics of European society today, and develop different scenarios for the future of European integration. The name of the project does not only refer to a geographical context, but in a wider sense addresses the limitations and constraints European cooperation and integration are facing today and tomorrow.

The project started in September 2009 with its first conference in Kőszeg, Hungary, and is carried out as a series of youth conventions in eight different European venues throughout the year 2010. It is organised by the project team of AEGEE-Europe, in cooperation with the European Parliament, different local branches of AEGEE, and their partner NGOs. Being currently one of the biggest projects in AEGEE, it counts with the support of several hundred young Europeans who actively contribute to promotion and dissemination of the project and its results.


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