Irish Presidency of the EU: overview of priorities

Here you will find the Irish Presidency of the EU overview of priorities: youth unemployment is one of the main features.

In the EU Article attached Irish MEPs have defined their different hopes for the Irish Presidency, two of the MEPs listed the youth unemployment issue as their top priority and another focused on austerity measures:

Liam Aylward (Fianna Fáil) said: “Unemployment in the European Union and youth
unemployment, in particular, is currently at chronic levels and is the biggest challenge we
face. The Irish presidency must prioritise European citizens who need support and
investment to ensure that this generation and the next can find meaningful employment
and realise their full potential.”
Emer Costello (Labour) said: “Adoption by Council of the Recommendation for a Youth
Guarantee, recently launched by the European Commission, coupled with progress
towards ratification of the ILO Convention of Domestic Workers, would ensure Ireland a
progressive, action-orientated six-month presidency.”
Paul Murphy (Socialist Party): “I hope that the Irish EU presidency can focus international
attention on how austerity policies, such as those implemented in Ireland, do not work for
ordinary people and the economy as a whole. The holding of the presidency also gives
workers and the unemployed in Ireland a focal point to show their opposition to these