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“Every person - child, youth and adult - shall be able to benefit from educational opportunities designed to meet their basic learning needs. These needs comprise both essential learning tools (such as literacy, oral expression, numeracy, and problem solving) and the basic learning content (such as knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes) required by human beings to be able to survive, to develop their full capacities, to live and work in dignity, to participate fully in development, to improve the quality of their lives, to make informed decisions, and to continue learning.”
World Declaration on Education for All: Meeting Basic Learning Needs (World Conference on Education 1990)

„Education Unlimited!” project aims to contribute to improvement of European higher education by strengthening involvement of young people in educational policies at the grass-root level and bridging formal and non-formal education in a more sustainable way. We think that for young people getting good education should be a priority, as it widely defines their chances in adult life.

Paris Seminar

Summary of the event

We would like to organize 4 day long Seminar, bringing together 40 youngsters from different youth NGOs, with the aim to create platform to discuss and share best examples of impact of non formal education, active youth participation in civil society and decision making processes.

At the same time with the day on Non Formal Education organised at UNESCO’s Headquaters 4th of December, gathering many youth NGOs, we would like to use this chance and held seminar in parallel on non-formal education.

By bringing together representatives of different youth NGOs we would like to create a platform to exchange good practices and to set future action plan – how to make Non Formal Education recognized.

Education Action Week Participants Map Available!

Now you can see all AEGEE antennae that take place in Education Action Week on Google Maps!
Please find it here - Education Action Week Participants Map

Education Action Week

What is Education Action Week

How to organise Education Action Week

Ideas for activities


A good way to get attention to the important things we want to say and do is to organise Action Week – one week when AEGEE locals all over Europe can Take Action to improve their education.

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