The Partners

To achieve our aim AEGEE partners with a wide range of organisations on local, regional and global level. A few of them facilitating and supporting the parts of the project literally going beyond Europe will be mentioned here:

AIESEC-Baroda (MDGs initiative)
AIESEC is an international youth organisation exploring and developing youth leadership potential for positive social change. AIESEC has a global presence and AIESEC Baroda is an Indian antenna. AIESEC Baroda is responsible for a project called “One World” whose vision is to present global perspectives in order to empower Indian youth to positively influence Indian society and the world community by presenting global perspectives.

Brethren Colleges Abroad (Euro-US forum)
Rooted in the values of peace and justice, BCA promotes international understanding, awareness of global citizenship and academic scholarship through educational exchange. It is an independent study abroad program provider for US students with more than a dozen programs around the world serving more than 100 U.S. colleges and universities.

Foundation for International Education (Euro-US forum)
FIE’s mission is to provide high quality educational experiences to the global community. As an educational organization, FIE is dedicated to active engagement with, and awareness of, our environmental impacts and responsibilities. FIE is committed to fostering a sustainable future by implementing initiatives to encourage practices such as ethical consumption, fair trade and education of those within our community.

Gujarat Public School – BRG Group (MDGs initiative)
The Gujarat Public School (GPS) has a well-established record of dedication to youth empowerment and development. GPS has been involved in exchange programmes beforehand and has expressed great support for the project. GPS has also held a UN Millennium Development Goals Oath taking ceremony.

Social Justice Coalition (MDGs initiative)
Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is a newly-born movement established in 2008 as a Civil Society response to the alleged lack of political leadership in the South African government and its institutions. SJC’s main focus is to address the economic and social inequalities that afflict South African society and the African continent, considered to be at the heart of phenomena like crime, xenophobia, hate crimes and gender-based violence.

Students’ Forum Institute Bethlehem (EuroArab)
The Student Forum Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation determined to support and strengthen a democratic Palestinian society that is based on justice and equality by enhancing the political and social competence, confidence and capabilities of Palestinian students and youth.

Better World Foundation (EuroArab)
The Better World Foundation (BW) is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation that focuses on assisting underprivileged Egyptian youths to advance more professionally and to be constructive members of society in which tolerance and understanding towards others is present. To accomplish its goals BW provides trainings in languages, ICT and interpersonal skills, as well as social and environmental programs.

The Global Conversation & Youth in Action

The Global Conversation

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