CST Europe

The first event which is going to take place is “EuroArab goes Europe: understanding each other’s challenges”, the fourteen days long case study trip to Europe. It will take place from November 1st to 14th 2010 in Köln, Aachen, Brussels and Maastricht, gathering 12 Arab (Egyptians and Palestinians), 12 European and 4 Turkish participants. Beyond Europe is very grateful to AEGEE-Aachen, AEGEE-Köln and AEGEE-Maastricht for hosting the case study trip, where the group will spend 4 days in each city. This event is financially supported by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.

During the case study trip the participants will explore certain global challenges: migration and integration, gender equality and socio-economic inequality. Next to lectures, workshops and group discussions, we are going to meet different organisations working in the field related to those challenges. For example a visit to an organization working for the integration of migrants in Europe as well as an encounter with a representative of a NGO providing support and help for women that were not treated equally are planned.

Furthermore, two days of the event will be spent in Brussels. There the participants will get to know the European institutions but also meet representative of the head office of AEGEE-Europe as well as representatives of the European Youth Forum who are going to talk about the cooperation between Europe and Arab countries in the youth field.

Furthermore, in all cities visited surveys will be conducted to get the opinion of the general republic regarding the importance of global challenges for themselves and the societies they are living in. Similar surveys will also be conducted during the case study trip to Palestine and Egypt, as well as during the final conference in Ankara, hence giving us the possibility to compare a bit the attitudes in those regions.

Of course, the social and cultural part is not going to miss either. Next to city tours and excursions, also parties and social activities will not be neglected! But let’s keep a bit of a surprise about this for now… ;)

One of the aims of the exchange is also to show the Arab participants as many faces as possible of Europe, the European culture and especially the role of youth organisations in Europe, but at the same time giving the Arab participants an opportunity to share their points of view on the discussed global challenges as well as their culture. Therefore, an atmosphere of openness and intercultural exchange will be created which will ensure that this event will be a unique experience for each of the participants!

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