Preliminary Meeting MDG subproject in Brussels

In 2001, world leaders under the umbrella of the United Nations – about 192 states and 23 international organizations – agreed to step in when it  comes to the world’s development. They agreed on eight so-called ‘Millennium Development Goals’ to be achieved in 2015. Amongst them are goals such as eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality rates, fighting disease epidemics and enhancing global partnerships. In 2009 a group of young activists from Europe, for the first time cooperating with their partners from Africa, India, the far East and the USA, will apply these goals with a more youthful approach. This means AEGEE-Europe is expanding to global niveau of youth cooperation.

Between the 10th and 13th of December 2009, AEGEE-Europe’s flagship project ‘Beyond Europe – Perspectives for Tomorrow’s World’ is gathering at their head office for a preliminary meeting, aiming to establish stable grounds for cooperation with our global partners. It is going to be three days of elaborating on a working plan for this grand project for the next two years. Participating in the meeting are students from the AEGEE-network as well as members of NGOs, South-African Universities and our partners from AIESEC-India. The core team of the project is hard at work to ensure a fruitful meeting. The programme of the meeting will consist of a presentation of the project’s outline, establishing public relations, fund raising sessions, panel discussions and the important decision on further objectives.

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