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Project description


  • Prevention of future problems that may occur out of the growing presence of Muslims in Western society

  • Promotion of the values of mutual respect and understanding between the parties through intercultural and inter-religious learning among young people



  • Providing knowledge of the theory of EuroIslam

  • Supporting and encouraging intercultural dialogue between Christians, conservative Muslims and modern Muslims, Politicians and European Students

  • Collaboration between Youth NGOs in Europe and Religious Youth Organisations


Preparatory activities

  • Building a team to coordinate the project setting a strategy for the timeframe

  • Contacting locals promoting the project within AEGEE network



  • Cultural Nights, to encourage intercultural dialogue Lectures and debates, to provide knowledge about Islam

  • Action Week, collaboration with other Youth NGOs for an intensive training

  • Conferences,

    • Cultural, to encourage cultural dialogue and fight xenophobia
    • Thematic, knowledge transfer and discussion Essay Contest Movie Seminar


Target group

  • European Youth

  • Muslim Youth


Expected Results

  • Better understanding of each others religion and traditions

  • Active collaboration of European NGOs with Muslim NGOs in overlapping fields

  • Better and more neutral knowledge of Islam within European Students


Follow Up

  • Results booklet CD

  • Online documentary of project Short Movies




May 2007: Workshop , AGORA Valetta, Malta.


October 2007: Euro Islam Conference, AEGEE-Istanbul (more info soon)



Winter 2007: Conference on Islamophobia , AEGEE-Baku, Azerbaijan