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Euro Islam, fiction or reality?

How does Islam fit into the Western world?


With the immigration of large numbers of Muslims to Western Europe in the last decades, cultural and religious conflicts soon started to rise, due to the so called 'radical different' values and beliefs of the Muslim population. A lot of Muslims who live in Europe are daily trying to find a way to combine their Islamic belief with the European way of life.


But how can differences become a source of progress instead of division?

The EuroIslam Project aims to encourage young Europeans to start an intercultural and interreligious dialogue, provide more knowledge about Islam and the Islamic culture and come to mutual respect and understanding. Especially the young generation must overcome differences between Muslims and Western people, start to see what we have in common and creating an enriching way of living together.

AEGEE, as an European NGO, enhances meetings between people from different backgrounds and facilitates a fertile dialogue between youth, politicians, journalists and scolars, in order to break down prejudices that are still prevalent in the Media and in our current way of thinking.

What is Euroislam? A definition is given on Wikipedia:

de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euroislam (German)

--> English translation


May 2007: Workshop , AGORA Valetta, Malta.


October 2007: Euro Islam Conference, AEGEE-Istanbul (more info soon)



Winter 2007: Conference on Islamophobia , AEGEE-Baku, Azerbaijan