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The screen of Shooting Europe Festival gives you the opportunity to perform your vision, to turn on
the lights for those who don’t want to see, to make it loud for those who don’t want to hear.
The camera is impartial, but you can combine art and creativity with thematic work on social issues
and cultural diversity!
Dare! Be creative!
Shooting Europe – The European Short Film Festival
Was created to present AEGEE’s original approach in promoting the idea of an integrated Europe among young people and involving them in a process of active discussions by the means of an objective tool: “Camera never lies!”
Nevertheless, the vision and creativity of the filmmakers that draw the line between reality and fiction.
Since movies are a very influential instrument of communication, realising them is a constructive way to raise issues such as intercultural dialogue, human rights and Europe!
Their strength lies in the subtle manner of delivering messages that are hard to get across by other ways of communication.
At its second edition, the Festival lays down the red carpets and provides the limos to the big screens.
Young filmmakers, amateurs or professionals, are invited to a Cinematic Debate on the screen of Shooting Europe!
Creating a platform for young, amateur and professional filmmakers to show their work to the
public and get the opportunity to get into contact with fellow filmmakers and with distributors,
journalists and successful directors
Motivating filmmakers to create a new perspective on European issues
Promoting and challenging the creative look into the topics mentioned
Mobilizing the ambitious and creative people to contribute their points of view to the discussion on
the the issues touched on by the categories
Promotion of the movies and movie makers after the festival
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